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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are inadequately positioned.
Crooked teeth and bite problems are solved with orthodontic procedures—the most common one is braces.

Braces reposition teeth by applying pressure. The procedure consists of small brackets cemented between your teeth,
connected by wire or rubber bands. Brackets can have metallic or tooth coloring. Braces are available for patients of all ages.

Aligners are made of plastic or acrylic materials and are worn over teeth to straighten them.
Aligners are worn only for a few weeks, after which it is necessary to progress to a new, updated set for the next stage of the treatment.
Aligners are available for teens and adults.

What are the benefits of orthodontics?

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are an improved oral health, a beautiful smile, and teeth with improved longevity.
Orthodontic treatment can be used to correct a bad bite pattern.
Your teeth, jaws, gums and facial muscles work together when you chew, speak and smile.

Tips for Orthodontics
  • Keep your teeth clean throughout the day while wearing braces.
  • Do not eat foods that could get stuck in your braces or bend their wires; do not eat too many sugary foods,
    as this can lead to decay around the brackets that could stain or damage your teeth.
  • Attend all your regular dentist appointments, so your treatment progresses at an adequate pace.
Orthodontics AR4

This system offers you a short term treatment in order for you to save money and time.
It does generate any damage at root level. AR4 combines the best of four orthodontics systems: Roth, Damon, Andrews, and MBT.

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Hi I’m Robin, I live in california. I just visited Baja Smile Dentistry, Irving was my dentist and I’m very pleased.
They gave me a crown and everything went very smooth; I would definitely recommend them. They were really friendly and really helpful   




Awesome job, he did a deep cleaning and a composite filling in my molar, it was fast and easy Dr.Irving to do, I feel comfortable with him, and now I’m feeling great.


My wife came here four months ago and they did great work on her, so I came to Baja Smile Dentistry too, they are very professional and treated me very well.



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Robin Imel

California, United States of America

Hi I’m Robin, I live in california. I just visited Baja Smile Dentistry, Irving was my dentist and I’m very please,
they gave me a crown and everything went very smooth, I would definitely recommend them, they were really friendly and really helpful….

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