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Baja Smile Dentistry in Tijuana

I can smile again, I have a quality work done here, they’re very clean and very professional. I recommend them a 100% Clean, good work, I’m very happy…
Willey Stanley
California, United States of America

Robin Imel

California, United States of America

Hi I’m Robin, I live in california. I just visited Baja Smile Dentistry, Irving was my dentist and I’m very please,
they gave me a crown and everything went very smooth, I would definitely recommend them, they were really friendly and really helpful….

Rosa Maria Rodriguez

Baja California, Mexico

I got a root canal done, the job was fast, I got a root canal done before in another clinic and that time I felt stress, but here I felt relaxed.
The customer service is formidable, I was attended by a very nice lady, and the doctor is incredibly patient, he explained to me every detail of the treatment, and that for me, as a patient is very important.


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Ivan Lima

Baja California, Mexico

Hi, how are you? My name is Ivan I want to recommend you the clinic Baja Smile Dentistry, I’ve been doing very well in my Orthodontics Treatment,
everything has been really cool, no pain, no troubles, everyone is really helpful, believe me, a pretty smile speaks for you. I really recommend you to come. Thanks….

Christian Leon

California, United States of America

I am doing brackets they’re fixing to get dental implants. My experience in the clinic is they do a very good job, It’s a good clinic, I like how they work and the experience with my brackets.
The doctor are nice here, they do a very good job and I like how they work. I would definitely recommend this clinic for other patients, good being here, and really good…best dentist near me

Isabel Juarez

California, United States of America

I had a discomfort in a molar piece, they did 2 extractions and I’m in the process of putting on crowns and making a new bridge.
My experience has been very good, with all the staff. The doctor is very patient, he takes the time to explain what we need, he is very honest and he is very kind and conscious of us as patients and from our pockets….




Tijuana Dental Clinic
Tijuana Dental Clinic


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